Goldman Sachs Said to Plan $3 Billion Infrastructure Fund
“The fund will have a mandate to buy a variety of assets including airports, water networks and toll roads”
Bodes well for companies like John Laing.

Wally Weitz Letter To Investors: Why Value Matters
If you find it puzzling, your brain is working correctly.

Patient Capital: Thinking the unthinkable
What happens if the trust doesn’t meet it’s eye-catching performance target?” Disclaimer: he bought shares anyway.


The Surprising Link Between Jeff Bezos and Neil Woodford and What It Means to Dividend Investors
Judging by the amount of ADD in the world, smartphoness Tweets et al, I’d say long term orientation, itself, is likely to be as rare ten years from now as it is today. So to sum up, think like Jeff Bezos, invest like Neil Woodford.

The Blackstone Group L.P.: Why This 8% Yielder Belongs In Your Income Portfolio
While Blackstone is benefitting from some good bets, invites should be prepared for distribution volatility. On the other hand, is there a company in a better position to take advantage  instability if the market turns?

How a Mystery Trader With an Algorithm May Have Caused the Flash Crash
A classic “He was quiet, kept to himself, never caused trouble” case.


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