How Airbnb could spawn an M&A frenzy in the hotel industry
The biggest risk to big owners of property is the coming demographic transformation of the wealthy world.

Things People Say During a Bull Market
Here are some things you’ve probably been hearing during the current bull market from a wide range of investors including some tongue-in-cheek translations about what they really mean.

Why Margin Of Safety Is Misunderstood And Not Used Enough
The price you pay.

Millennials Are Moving Out of Basements and Into Apartments
After shacking up with family or friends for the past few years, millennials finally seem to be striking out on their own.

Old Shipwrecks Are Reappearing In Lake Michigan’s Unusually Clear Water
In total, according to the state Department of Environmental Quality, some 1,500 ships lie wrecked at the bottom of Lake Michigan.

The real side effect of a gluten-free diet: scientific illiteracy
The real scientists, people who are actually researching this stuff, happily admit that right now we just don’t know.


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