This country wants to ban the use of cash in stores
Earlier this month, the Danish Parliament proposed a law that would allow stores to refuse to accept cash payments in exchange for goods or services. Now, the Danish Chamber of Commerce is backing the move, according to a report in Yahoo News.

No Light at the end of the Tunnel: Investing in Bad Businesses
As I look at the excess returns generated by companies in different sectors, I am struck by how little margin for error there seem to in many businesses, with excess returns hovering around zero… if we are bidding up the values of Tesla, Uber and Google (driverless cars) because they might disrupt the automotive business, does it not stand to reason that we should be bidding down (at least collectively) the values of Volkswagen, Ford and Toyota?

The States Where Fitness Is King
To find where people exercise most and least, exercise apps tracked 22 million users.

“What’s one thing you’ve learned at Harvard Business School that blew your mind?”

19 Things That Actually Happened in 1999
The happenings on Wall Street in 1999 prove that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.


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