Sometimes the complaints will be false
– David Brent

Featured article

I Wonder What Happens Next
Here are four things I’m pretty sure are changing before our eyes.”


The Solitron Proxy Battle
To put things in perspective Saraf takes home about 15% of the company’s gross profit as a salary. These are the sort of things that happen when companies operate in the dark.”

Blackstone Portfolio Company Phoenix Tower International Announces Acquisition of T4U Holding Brasil S.A., Comprising More Than 500 Wireless Towers in Brazil
The combined businesses …will own and operate 529 wireless infrastructure assets with a pipeline of over 250 wireless towers under construction for all of the major wireless operators in Brazil.

Jurassic World is the biggest movie opening in history, dooming the world to an eternity of sequels
An incredible $100 million take in China helped push the numbers elsewhere in the world to $307.2 million

City’s tallest tower to rise from ‘Pinnacle’ ashes
“Plans have been announced to build the City’s tallest skyscraper, in a sign that office construction in London is starting to boom again.”

JC Penney at Piper Jaffray Conference
we had 87 million active customers in 2011. We have 87 million active customers today. The reason the volume is not the same as frankly the businesses that were impaired have not yet been fully restored


I Wonder What Happens Next
Here are four things I’m pretty sure are changing before our eyes.”

Saudi Stocks Slip as Foreigners Gain Access
Until the Saudi bourse becomes part of a global benchmark, like the MSCI, most inflows are likely to come from actively managed funds who will assess valuations before committing any serious amount of money


Crisis Chronicles: Railway Mania, the Hungry Forties, and the Commercial Crisis of 1847
While some observers have praised the Fed’s actions, others, including some within the Fed, have been more critical. Partly in response to such criticism, the Dodd-Frank Act limits the Fed’s ability to lend to individual firms, as the Fed did during the panic, and a more recently proposed bill would further constrain the Fed’s emergency lending discretion. Will these reforms curb the moral hazard (excess risk-taking) that last-resort lending might invite? Might they aggravate future crises by curbing the Fed’s discretion as lender of last resort? Let us know what you think.

Millionaires Who Are Frugal When They Don’t Have to Be
There were common threads in this group. These were people who had all made the money in their own lifetimes and done that as much by saving, investing and making careful choices about spending as by making large salaries.

Five things I try to do on this Blog
So to the guy who thinks that stocks for the long run is “dangerous,” I say thank you. You are the equity-risk premium.

Long reads

Our poor sleeping habits are filling our brains with neurotoxins
Taking even 20 minutes of shut-eye is comparable to “literally plugging in your phone battery

Mastermind: The evil genius behind the migrant crisis
Even drugs aren’t as profitable

Graph of the week

A world of languages



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