Spotify urges iPhone customers to stop paying through Apple’s App Store
Spotify is trying to raise awareness around the fact that it’s cheaper to subscribe on the web instead of through Apple’s App Store.

Britain depends increasingly on services sector to drive growth – BCC
there was a widening gulf between steady gains by the service industries that form the bulk of Britain’s private-sector economy, and slowing demand for manufactured goods, especially from abroad.

Lafarge, ARM Cry Foul as China Road Imports Cement to Kenya
Kenyan cement producers say they are being left out of a $3.8-billion railway project that China Road & Bridge Corp. is building, after the company gave an assurance it would source all of the material domestically.

How Iceland Emerged From Its Deep Freeze
The two countries blew themselves up, though in different ways. Greece, as a nation, spent too much; in Iceland, the private banks went on a bender that ended badly.

‘Driverless’ Tube trains: See inside TfL’s new fleet for London Underground
In light of the current tube strike, what will this do to future industrial action?
The fleet of 250 trains, which are not expected to be in service on the Tube until the mid-2020s, will start out with an operator on board, but will be designed and built to be “capable of fully automatic operation”.

Cost of Capital
But if you explain things in terms of unexplainable subconcepts, what kind of an explanation is that?


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