These Superhumans Are Real and Their DNA Could Be Worth Billions
Drug companies are exploiting rare mutations that make one person nearly immune to pain, another to broken bones.”

Amazon Preps Fresh Grocery Delivery Launch in U.K.
Another potential blow to UK supermarkets.

Francois Hollande Calls For Eurozone Government
Unlikely right now, but is it totally out of the question?

Let’s be honest about gold: it’s a pet rock
It can be very difficult to rationalize the price movements of gold, even with the benefit of considerable hindsight,

Apple’s victory laps: notes in the margin
For hundredth time, external estimates are just that, not data


One thought on “Midweek quick links: 22 July 2015

  1. Concerning the comment on the Eurozone government by Hollande: There is still a big hurdle in creating a closer fiscal union (Eurozone government), because of the strong national identities. However, in order to maintain a functional monetary union, there needs to be more fiscal integration and after the Greek disaster, a lot of effort is going towards that. Furthermore, there is progress towards creating an European wide deposit insurance.


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