Peter Lynch’s Final Checklist
In chapter 15―The Final Checklist―of the book One Up on Wall Street, Peter Lynch summarizes the things that you as an investor would like to know about stocks in each of the six categories, as follows.

Snapchat Lost a Ton of Money Last Year
…between January and November of 2014, the company lost a whopping $128 million while bringing in just $3 million in revenue.

eSports are huge on YouTube—even though most coverage isn’t live
Watching videos of other people playing video games has become the new Saturday morning cartoons for millennials—except they’re doing this every day…

Poundland bosses miss out on bonuses
The discount retailer’s annual report said the bonus payments were self-funding and “as such, this year’s underlying profit after tax achievement of £33.95m did not trigger payment of bonuses to colleagues.”

Mental Model: Regression to the Mean
The rule goes that, in any series with complex phenomena that are dependent on many variables, where chance is involved, extreme outcomes tend to be followed by more moderate ones.


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