If you are shopping for common stocks, choose them the way you would buy groceries, not the way you would buy perfume.
– Ben Graham


Apple Has Less Cash Than People Believe
the company’s “available” cash [is] just under $100 billion or about 14% of its market cap.

PayPal Acquires Modest
Social media networks are evolving from places where people share and discover great new things to places where they buy the things they find, at the moment of discovery.

In Uber’s Quest to Win Over China, Tencent Blocks the Way
The car-booking company speaks out for the first time about getting blocked by WeChat, saying foreign rivals are thwarting competition.

Is T.J. Maxx the best retail store in the land?
TJX is Company X: a black box—arguably one of the most secretive retailers around.


Welcome To Cowboyistan: Fracking King Harold Hamm’s Plan For U.S. Domination Of Global Oil
Fracking pioneer Harold Hamm has lost $7 billion since the oil market imploded. But where others see disaster, he sees a vast economic opportunity—for himself, and for America.

Truffles on Billionaire’s Farm Fuel South African Industry
Woodford Truffles (Pty) Ltd., the company that inoculated English oaks with mycelium spores and planted them in Altima’s orchards in 2009, thinks South Africa can reach annual sales of 250 million rand ($19.3 million) within 10 years.


In Times of Market Panic
Things look scary right now, especially if you’re paying attention to the general market perceptions. However, domestic economic data does not seem to indicate impending doom for the US economy and sentiment seems to indicate that it’s probably unlikely that stocks are in for a significant crash.

Why Markets Will Always Crash
Rather than wondering if we’re going to have another crash, spend your time planning how you’ll react to a crash when it inevitably comes. Mentally prepare yourself, have some cash, and never rely on short-term market gains to finance your lifestyle. Because, just wait. A new crash will happen.

What Happens to Stocks and Bonds When the Fed Raises Rates?
And as usual, the markets don’t have to react a certain way just because they did so in the past. But so many investors are absolutely certain stocks and bonds are both going to get killed once the Fed finally does decide to raise rates. The historical record doesn’t clearly back up that argument.

Long reads

In Canada, You Can Pay for College With Frequent-Flyer Miles
Some students, buckling under college tuition and student debt, have stretched airline awards to help fund their educations.”

Monies – Joining Economic and Legal Perspectives
everyone can create money, the problem is to get it accepted.

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