10 Underrated Charlie Munger Quotes
“You ought to have an internal compass. So there should be all kinds of things you won’t do even though they’re perfectly legal. That’s the way we try to operate.”

Disney Is About to Flood the Market With Star Wars Toys
““They’re like the maestro,” Demby said of Disney. “They’re playing the orchestra.”

Everyone’s got it backward — market chaos is EXACTLY why the Fed needs to launch in September
How much more comfortable would I be buying a rallying S&P 500 knowing that the first hike is off the table and been absorbed? The answer is a lot more comfortable.

Why do Germany’s Electricity Prices Keep Falling?
Wind and solar power have surged under Germany’s plan to get as much as 60 percent of its power from renewables by 2035, compared with 28 percent now.

How I Did It: Blockbuster’s Former CEO on Sparring with an Activist Shareholder
The Idea: After losing a proxy fight to the activist investor Carl Icahn, Blockbuster’s then CEO faced a new obstacle: executing strategy in the face of boardroom opposition. He looks back on what he might have done differently.


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