Risk means more things can happen than will happen.
– Elroy Dimson


World Lego shortage could spell Christmas disappointment as Danish company claims sales are outstripping production

MTN Nigeria fined $5.2bn by Nigerian regulator
The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has slapped MTN Nigeria with a $5.2bn penalty for the disconnection of 5.1-million of its subscribers, the regulator said on Monday. The group said the fine “relates to the timing” of the disconnection.

Apple Music Has 6.5 Million Paying Subscribers
It’s going really well,” Cook said. “We are now over 6.5 million paid users and 8.3 million people in the trial. Over 15 million people are using Apple Music.” (Spotify has 20 million subscribers after a much longer time).

Theranos’ Scandal Exposes the Problem With Tech’s Hype Cycle
A months-long investigation by the Journal found that, for the bulk of its blood tests, Theranos has not actually been using its own technology, which the company has claimed are capable of running tests with only a few drops of blood. Instead, it’s been relying on traditional machines from companies like Siemens.


Oil ebbs, but they still seek the flow
Instead of pipelines full and producers competing for space, you have pipelines empty and competing for producers,

Bernie Sanders’s Highly Sensible Plan to Turn Post Offices Into Banks
They’re much less crazy than payday-lending services, and the rest of the world agrees.


Howard Marks | An Evening with Howard Marks, Chairman of Oaktree

Long reads

Nobody Cares How Hard You Work
Psychologists have long noticed what’s sometimes been called the “labor illusion:” when it comes to judging other people’s work, we might say we’re focused only on whether they did the job quickly and well—but really we want to feel they wore themselves out for us.

Thresholds of Violence
Granovetterian progression… the longer a riot goes on, the less the people who join it resemble the people who started it.

Graph of the week

A Timeline of Some of The Best Investment Books



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