Questor share tip: Clear buying opportunity in Poundland shares
The discount retailer is growing fast and has a number of important announcements due in coming weeks, which could send shares higher

Google Charged With Antitrust Violations by Europe
The European Union’s antitrust chief on Wednesday sought to bring the American Internet giant Google to heel, accusing the company of abusing its dominance in web searches to the detriment of competitors.

It’s All So Obvious (in Hindsight)
Predicting things is hard, but we keep doing it. Why? Because everything seems so obvious in hindsight, and since it does, we get the impression that predicting the future should be easy.

Three Misconceptions About Risk Management
“The best a risk model can do for the investor is point out where potential areas of risk exist, not how that risk will manifest and play out.”

Why do we have allergies?
…understanding the purpose of allergies could lead to dramatic changes in how they’re treated. “One implication of our view is that any attempt to completely block allergic defences would be a bad idea,” he said. Instead, allergists should be learning why a minority of people turn a protective response into a hypersensitive one. “It’s the same as with pain,” said Medzhitov. “No pain at all is deadly; normal pain is good; too much pain is bad.


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